Sleeping issues

Did you know that sleep is not the same as rest? Sleep is important for our body to recover and recharge its energy, for our memory to store information and for many more vital functions, but for this to work, it is essential to rest while we sleep. Sleep and rest must go hand in hand!

The present moment in which we live has strongly impaired our ability to sleep and rest. It is important to regain both our ability to sleep and rest in order to improve our quality of life.

I invite you to try one or more of the following tools, and I recommend that you implement the one you like best into your daily routine. Remember that it is not necessary to do everything!


Brain training with neurofeedback teaches to regulate brain waves, it decreases anxiety and stress, it also helps you stay more awake during the day, so you will be more tired and night, thus improving your sleep quality.


Find a guided meditation that helps you ease into sleep. For example, a meditation that helps you relax your muscles. You can also use white sound to fall asleep, it helps block other sounds, making it easier to fall asleep.


Consume less caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol alter the nervous system, which is why you should try to limit its consumption. Especially in the evening and at night.

Get some sun

The sunlight regulates your biological clock, so try to get some sunlight during the morning and avoid artificial light at night. Your body will greatly appreciate this!

Eat healthy at night

Try to eat healthy meals at night and avoid eating at least two hours before going to bed.  Avoid salty, fatty foods or sweets and sodas.


Try to practice 30 minutes of exercise a day, between 3 to 5 times a week. But remember to do it in the morning, otherwise it might keep you awake instead of helping improve you sleep.

Obs.: You should discuss any sleeping issues that you might have, with you doctor. It is always good to rule out any physical issues that might cause the problems. 

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